Email — Responsive Design & Code

* Please note: All email samples only show layout. For code examples, please contact me.

Terlato Wines    Click image to view email
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Terlato Wines, a company with holdings in wine production, importing, marketing and distribution, send email to subscribers about wine news and information. There are several a month. I design them and write the html code for MailChimp. Below are a few examples. Terlato recently moved to responsive email—the first 2 examples show this.

Scout Marketing   Click image to view email

Responsive code for agency's pharma client.

Discover Boating (NMMA)   Click image to view email
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Discover Boating, the public-facing part of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, uses email campaigns to communicate information regarding the boat shows they sponsor to the public, exhibitors, and members. I designed and hand coded the examples below.

August Jackson   Click image to view email
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August Jackson, a communications agency, represents a pharmaceutical company and facilitates a number of their in-house marketing campaigns. I designed the email below for their campaigns.

Hollister   Click image to view email
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Responsive code + design for medical supply company email.

Geometry   Click image to view email
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Geometry, a global shopper marketing agency under the Ogilvy umbrella, was hired by Heineken. The examples below are email I hand coded for internal communications.

More Email

Responsive Design & Code   Click image to view email

Below is an email for an architecture firm and an email for a marketing agency

Baby SuperMall   Click image to view email

Baby SuperMall, an online retail client, sends communication out to a subscriber list thru MailChimp. I designed and hand coded the examples below.

kids bedding
new arrivals

Kirkland & Ellis   Click image to view email

Kirland & Ellis, a global law firm, hired me to create email templates for their alumni department. I designed and hand coded the examples below for their internal content management system.

Francis W. Parker School   Click image to view email

Francis W. Parker School communicates with its students and alumni thru email. They hired me to design and code the templates below for them.